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Clients have a choice of accommodation on the Kruger national park leg of the tour, between camping and bedded accommodation.

Kruger national park (Camping):
The first night we camp at the same private lodge where the "bedded accommodation' clients are staying, where we have permanent erected tents.  The tents are 3.0 x 3.0 (meters) in size with built in mosquito netting over the door and windows. Each tent has 2 proper single bed mattresses. A three course dinner will be served by the lodge. You will still require a sleeping bag.

The next morning we depart for Kruger national park, where we have a permanent camp inside Kruger national park. These tents are also permanently erected on platforms with two proper single bed mattresses. We further have a kitchen tent with gas stoves and a fridge to keep food fresh and drinks cold. The camp has separate male and female bathrooms with permanent hot water.

Kruger national park (Bedded):
Bedded accommodation clients will stay at the private lodge every night while on the Kruger park leg of the package. You will leave the lodge early mornings to arrive at the gates of Kruger national park as they open. You will be inside the park the full day and return to the lodge in the evenings. Three course dinners will be served by the lodge.

Camping (first night) and bedded accommodation (every night):
There are a number of local villages in the rural community close to the lodge. The children from these villages started their own dance and song routine and asked the lodge if they can dance for the guests staying at the lodge. The lodge assisted the kids by making traditional dancing outfits for them and allowing them to dance and sing for the guests staying at the lodge. The children work for themselves and do not work for the lodge. Therefore they do not get payment from the lodge, but earn an income from tips that they get from the guests. Please note that sometimes (not often) the kids do not come to do the dancing.

Staying at a backpackers lodge at Hartbeespoort:
Moonlight Backpackers Lodge is not in a town or city. It is a 8 hectares (18 football fields) property in a farming area, situated in the valley below the Magaliesberg mountains.

Accommodation for single people will be in small dormitories, single room, or twin room (2 single beds) that share a bathroom, depending on availability. Couples will be in a twin room or double room with or without bathroom, depending on availability.

Dinner is excluded on this day. The guide / driver will stop at a supermarket where you can get fresh food or take-aways. The backpackers lodge offers all the facilities to do cooking. The other option (depending on you) that we will drop you off at one of the many restaurants in the area, and pick you up when you have finished your meal.

Accommodation in Nata, Maun, Chobe, Victoria Falls and Palapye
The included accommodation on this tour is camping.
However, every camp that we stay at on this tour offers a variety of chalets, private rooms etc. Therefore clients do have to option to upgrade from camping accommodation to bedded accommodation. Livingstone Trails will pay the camping rate and clients who upgrade their accommodation must pay the balance. You can not book an upgrade in advance with Livingstone Trails. Upgrades must be done on tour when you arrive at a camp and seen the bedded accommodation. Depends on availability.
Livingstone Trails provide all camping equipment, except sleeping bags.

While inside the Okavango Delta
This means that you will not be staying in a lodge or camp site - we will be doing free camping. What is free camping?
Well, any one of our guides will tell you that it is the best way of camping. We find an ideal patch of trees along the waterways that is suitable for us to camp. This means that there are no fences, electricity, buildings or bathrooms. The only mad made objects that we will have with us, is what we take into the Okavango Delta.

The local guides will dig a hole and build a toilet.
Unfortunately we do not have a shower for these days, but we do have many natural swim holes in the rivers. These swim holes has crystal clear water and are extremely welcome when the temperatures reaches afternoon maximums.

Please note: No upgrades available while we are inside the Okavango Delta.

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